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Best practices for selling items

Create a detailed and accurate post.

A successful transaction starts with a great post. Include an original photo of your item and a detailed description. Make sure you state the condition of an item, and clearly outline all defects or damage. Remember to make sure your listing follows our Posting Rules.

Look at the profiles of potential buyers.

When a buyer contacts you look at their profile for past ratings, a photo, and TruYou membership. If you are unsure about something you can always ask, or choose to transact with community buyers who already have a strong rating on OfferUp.

Communicate on OfferUp.

Communicating outside of the OfferUp App makes it more difficult for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues. We strongly encourage you to communicate using our messaging system and recommend you do not share personal information with other users.

Selecting a Location.

Meet at a public location such as a cafe, or shopping mall. If you’re selling a large item, be prepared to help or remind the buyer to bring a friend to help lift or load the item into their vehicle.
Remember, OfferUp is a local marketplace, and you shouldn’t ship your item or accept online payments without letting the buyer inspect the item in person. Having the buyer both inspect your item and take possession in person helps protect you from fraud.

Be a considerate seller.

Whether the transaction concludes successfully or you’re still looking for the right price or buyer, being a considerate seller matters.
Remember: if you ever find yourself in an emergency or feel that your personal safety is threatened, always contact local police and emergency services first.