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Packaging items to ship

When your item is ready to be shipped, package it securely. The seller is responsible for getting the box.

Then, use the mailing label from OfferUp. It will be in your email and available in the app. 

A few tips:

  • Choose a plain, sturdy box big enough for the item and sufficient padding. Small items may fit into a padded envelope.

  • Packages will be sent by USPS. Please don't use boxes marked for any specific shipping method.

  • If you're reusing a box, make sure to remove or black out any previous shipping labels or logos.

  • Keep the item from touching the outer box by using padding like crumpled newspaper, grocery bags, or bubble wrap.

  • Give the box a shake: does the item move? If so, use more padding!

  • Make sure the box won't come open by sealing it with 2-inch wide tape.

  • Attach the provided shipping label by taping down each edge with clear tape.

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