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Bump your item to the top

Buying a Bump for an item you’re selling automatically relists it like it’s a new item. This puts it near the top of browsing and search results, so buyers will see your item sooner. Some people may not see the Bump feature in the app due to ongoing product tests.

How to buy a Bump

Anywhere you see Bump on one of your items, you can Bump it. Here's how to get started in the app:

  1. Tap Offers icon Offers
  2. Tap on Selling, then tap Bump (or Promote, then Bump) on the item you'd like to Bump
  3. Finish buying the Bump through your app store. You won't be charged until you confirm you're willing to pay.

You can also buy a Bump through the OfferUp website.

If you don't see an option to Bump, it may be an item that can't be Bumped. Bumping your item will not change the price or any other details.

As new items are posted, your item will slowly move down the feed again. Bump doesn't automatically reoccur. To Bump again, buy another Bump.

To get your item seen by even more people, buy a promotion or subscribe to Promote Plus. Promote your item on OfferUp

Note: We are constantly adding and testing new features, so some features may not be available to all users.

Check to see if your Bump was successful

Open your item and check to see when it was posted. If the Bump went through, you'll see Posted a few minutes ago or Posted just now.

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