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Promote any item for as long as you like using Promote Plus.

With Promote Plus, you always have a promotion available. Use it so buyers will see your item higher up in their feed or their search results. You can swap the items you promote at any time. Promote Plus is a paid monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time through your app store.

We offer Promote Plus in two levels: 1 item and 5 items. Promote Plus 1-item lets you promote any item you want, one at a time, month after month, for as long as you like, with unlimited swaps from item to item.

Promote Plus 5-item gives you the exact same power applied to 5 items at once. You can swap any of those 5 items, as often as you like, for other items you’ve posted. You can promote 2 cars at any one time, and any combination of any other items.

Note: We are constantly adding and testing new features, so some features may not be available to all users.

Subscribe to Promote Plus

  1. Tap Sell faster on an item you’re selling
  2. Tap the Promote Plus button to subscribe
  3. Pay for your subscription through your app store
  4. Once the payment is complete, you’ll be subscribed to Promote Plus, and the item you were selling will be marked as Promoted.
    If you subscribe to Promote Plus 5-item, we’ll also automatically promote the 4 next-highest-priced items.

Use Promote Plus

Once you’re subscribed, use Promote Plus to promote a new item or change which item you’re promoting.

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap Offers, then tap Selling
  2. Tap any item you’re selling, then tap Promote
  3. Go to the Promote Plus line and tap Use
  4. If you’re already using Promote Plus with another item, confirm that you want to promote this one instead. Tap Promote to continue.
  5. Your promotion will begin, and buyers will start seeing your item in promotional spots. For easy reference, you’ll also find your Promote Plus item at the top of your Selling tab.
  6. After your promoted item sells, or if you want to move your promotion to another item, view any of the other items you’re selling and Use your Promote Plus option there.

Cancel Promote Plus

Your app store will handle any changes or cancelations. This is standard for subscriptions you make from within most apps.

You can change from a 1-item plan to a 5-item plan, or vice-versa--or cancel Promote Plus altogether.

To change or cancel Promote Plus

Visit your app store and follow the instructions:

Your Promote Plus benefits will continue until the end of your current billing period. Then your monthly payments will stop, and if you have a Promote Plus promotion running, it will end. You can still re-subscribe at any time, or buy individual, limited-time promotions for any items you’re selling.

For questions about your promotions

To ask us about promotions, use the Contact Us button below.

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