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How do I pick a meeting location?

Selecting a Location

OfferUp is a marketplace for local buyers and sellers - we strongly suggest meeting in person to inspect the item, and not shipping items.

  • Meet at a well-lit, well-trafficked public location like a cafe, shopping mall or police station.
  • If you're buying a large item, bring a friend to help lift
  • When leaving for your location, inform the other person that you're on your way and provide them with an estimated time of arrival
  • If you're running late, let the other person know so they can plan accordingly

To suggest a specific place to meet, when you're in Messages, tap Location , type a business name or address, select the location you prefer, then tap Send. Both of you will get a link to the location in your messages, and there will be no confusion about which meeting place you meant.


  • Inspect the item, verify it's in the condition you expected
  • Ask any remaining questions you have about the condition of the item
  • We also recommend having an independent expert inspect the item if necessary

All sales are final once a payment is made. Before paying, make sure everything is in working order.