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Post an item to sell

To post an item, follow these steps.

  • Open the app and tap Post icon Post 
  • Tap Take Photo, or to choose from pictures you already have, Select Photo
    • Use a cover photo that shows the whole item, by itself
    • Add at least 2 more photos, because items with more photos sell faster
    • More photo tips
  • Enter a short Title
    • Include name, brand, year or size, as applicable
    • Spelling counts! If people can’t search for it, they may not be able to find it
  • Select the item's Category
    • For example, if you’re selling a hammer, make sure it’s in Tools, not in Clothing & shoes
    • If you don't see the category you want, pick the closest one
  • Set the item’s Condition
  • Write a quick Description
    • Shoes: include the brand and shoe size
    • Car: include info like the year, make, and model. Adding vehicle information
    • Furniture: include height, width, and length
  • Enter your Price
    • Try setting a price that’s the same or less than what similar items are selling for online
  • Set the item’s Location
    • Buyers will only see the approximate location of the item
  • Choose if you want to meet up in person and/or Sell & ship nationwide
  • Share to Facebook timeline (optional)
    • There are millions of buyers on OfferUp, and even more on Facebook. Share to get more buyers!
  • Tap Post - and you're done! Check the app for messages from interested buyers.
    • For more about what comes next and how to complete your sales, read How to sell

When looking at your own posts, you won’t see the Ask and Make offer buttons, but buyers will see them.

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