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How do I accept an offer?

You’ll get offers from interested buyers in your messages. Read them in your Inbox icon Inbox, or go to Offers icon Offers, open the item you’re selling, and read the messages there. Then reply to the buyer to discuss their offer or accept it. Find out more details below.

Selling to a local buyer

Once a buyer offers you a price that you're willing to accept, message them back to arrange to meet. There is no formal way to accept, just let them know you're interested in their offer. Find out when you're both free to check out the item and make the exchange. Send a meeting location

If you change your mind and decide not to complete the sale, you are allowed to do so. Sales are not final until money is exchanged for an item. We highly recommend communicating any changes of plans, however, to maintain a good buying and selling experience for everyone.

Selling an item to be shipped

Tap View Offer in your messages to see details about a buyer’s offer. From there, you can Accept or Decline. Accepting a buyer’s offer will trigger their payment to you. It will also generate a shipping label for you to use. Once you accept the offer, you are agreeing to complete the sale and promptly ship the item.

Find out more about how shipping works for sellers.

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