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Expert selling tips

Use these selling tips to sell your items faster and build a great reputation.

Make a great post

The items that sell fastest on OfferUp have great photos, titles, descriptions, and fair prices. To make a new post, follow the steps and guidance in Post an item to sell

If you’ve already posted your item, but it isn’t selling fast, try updating your post. How to update a post

Respond quickly to each buyer

Responding fast helps you keep a buyer interested right now, and also helps you in the future. Your average response time appears on your profile, and so does your average response rate. Learn about the reply rate badge

Best offer = Best price + best buyer

Sometimes an offer is too good to be true. If a buyer offers full price, but has a low rating, no profile picture, or other red flags, it might not be your best offer. Learn more: Check someone's reputation before doing business

You may get offers for less money than you want. The buyer is trying to negotiate. Let the buyer know it's too low, or just politely decline.

Suggest a safe location

Usually the seller suggests where to meet. If it’s a small item, we recommend meeting at a Community MeetUp Spot or other well-lit, public location, like a grocery store or cafe. Learn how to send a location in messages

Get a great rating

Plan to spend enough time to let the buyer examine the item and feel good about the exchange. Bring change with you or specify exact change. When the item sells, mark it Sold in the app, and rate the buyer. Then they can rate you, so buyers can see you’re good to do business with! Learn about ratings and reviews

Unfortunately, not every sale works out. Even when a sale falls through, being a considerate seller matters. Remember, there are always more buyers. If someone "flakes", or doesn't show up to a meet up, report them through the app

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