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Mark an item as sold

Congratulations on selling your item! Here's how to let other interested parties know.

Items sold locally

  1. Open your Offers icon Offers
  2. Tap Mark Sold beside the picture of the item you wish to mark as sold
    Screenshot of an item on the Offers screen, and the "Mark sold" link
  3. You can also tap the picture of the item, then tap the Mark as Sold button
    Screenshot of an item and the "Mark as sold" button.

This will add a “SOLD” label to your item. Anyone else who had asked you about the item will be notified that it’s no longer available.

Marking an item as sold can't be reversed. OfferUp recommends waiting until you've completely finished your sale before updating your item.

Shipped items

Items that you’ve shipped will automatically get marked as sold once the sale is complete.

Archive your sold items

To remove a sold item from your Selling tab, tap on the item, then tap Archive. This will remove the item from your view, your public profile, and search results. Your messages about it will also be archived. More about archiving

It may take about a day for the archiving process to finish, but items marked as sold will show that label to anyone who finds it in the meantime.

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