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Find items you're selling

To find your items currently posted on OfferUp:

  1. Tap Offers icon Offers 
    Screenshot of the bottom navigation bar in the OfferUp app. Offers is the fourth icon from the left.
  2. Tap Selling
    Screenshot of the top of the Offers page in the OfferUp app. Selling is the first of three tabs.
  3. To see items you sold or archived, tap Archive
    Screenshot of the top of the Archive page in Offers > Selling, in the OfferUp app.

Profile view

Other people can see items you’re selling by looking at your profile. Open one of your items, tap on your name, then tap My Offers.

Screenshot of the Profile page for Torrey, showing My Offers tab half-way down the page.

Search results

To see your items in search results, tap Home icon Home and enter search terms for your item. Good search terms are words from the item’s title or description. If you’ve just posted or edited the item, please note it can take a little while for items to show up again in search results.

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