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Send a meeting location

When you've agreed with someone on an offer, it's time to choose a place to meet. Find a convenient location with the app and share it through Messages.

Suggest a specific place to meet

  1. Tap Messages icon and open your messages with the person you’ll be meeting.
  2. Tap Location icon at the bottom of the screen to pick a location. You'll see a map centered on where you are.
  3. To pick a suggested location from the map, tap its icon. Any official Community MeetUp Spots will be marked in green. More about Community MeetUp Spots
    Screenshot of map with one police station marked as a MeetUp spot.
  4. To search, tap the search field and type a business name or street address. Any recommended spots will be highlighted.
    Screenshot of the location search field and a recommended MeetUp spot.
  5. Select the location you prefer, then tap Send.
  6. Both of you will get a link to the location in your messages. Tap View Map to see details.

Tips for the meeting

  • Meet at a well-lit, public location with lots of people around, like a cafe, shopping mall or police station.
  • If you're buying a large item, bring a friend to help lift it.
  • When leaving for your location, use OfferUp messages to tell the other person you're on your way.
  • If you're running late, let the other person know.

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