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Cover photo tips

Show the whole item

Close-ups can be good, but not for the cover photo.

A close-up photo of a bowling ball's brand name labeled "not good cover photo" opposite a photo of the whole bowling ball labeled "great cover photo!"

Take it out of bags or wraps

Make it easy to imagine using the item by showing buyers what it will look like when they’re using it.

A photo of poker chips in a bag labeled "not good cover photo" opposite a photo of stacks of poker chips labeled "great cover photo!"

Pose the item by itself

Use a plain or contrasting background for the photo. If the item has other accessories that will come with it, show those neatly in separate photos, not in the cover photo.

A photo of a game controller with a jumble of cords and accessories labeled "not good cover photo" opposite a photo of the game controller by itself labeled "great cover photo!"

From the first photo buyers see, show them what a great item you’re selling.

The first photo in any item post is the cover photo, which is the one that will show in the main feed. It’s also the first photo buyers see when they tap on your item. To change the cover photo, update your post.

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