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Problems with shipping labels

Need to change the return address

Has your return address changed since you listed an item? There's a way to make sure your new address appears on the pre-paid shipping label we send you. You'll need to message the buyer before you start:

  1. Cancel the transaction (let the buyer know why beforehand)
  2. Edit your item: Disable "Buy now"
  3. Ask the buyer to make another offer
  4. When you accept the buyer's new offer, edit the shipping address

Didn't get the label

To get paid when you ship an item to a buyer, you'll need to use the label we send you. You'll get it both by email and in the app.

In the app, go to your chat about that item, then tap View label to get a PDF of the shipping label.

Screenshot of message in chat titled "Accepted - time to ship!" It has two buttons, View label and View receipt.

In email, look for email from If you don’t see it, check into these potential problems.

Check your Junk or Spam folders

  1. Check your email's Junk or Spam folder for emails from OfferUp, and move those messages to your Inbox.
  2. Add OfferUp to your list of safe senders so you won't have this problem again.

Confirm that we have the correct email address

  1. Sign in to the OfferUp app, and go to Account icon Account
  2. If your email isn't correct, tap Edit on the line with the incorrect address and enter the correct email address
  3. Resend the shipping label to yourself

Can't open the label, or Plugin Blocked

You'll need a way to print the label, and a computer that can open the label as a PDF. For free software that will open PDFs, try Adobe Reader.

If none of these work, please contact us.

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