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Prohibited items: Intangible items

OfferUp is intended for the sale of individual, tangible items. Items must exist and be available for immediate sale. Examples of things that are not allowed include:

  • Services for intangible items such as dog walking, babysitting, and IT support
  • Advertisements
    • Links to or information about flea markets, yard sales, and garage sales
    • URLs, links, or redirecting to other websites
    • Rentals and timeshares
    • Multi-level marketing schemes and related promotional materials
    • Job postings
    • Lost pet ads
  • Wanted ads
  • Solicitations
  • Digital account transfers
  • Items planned for future purchase from another retailer, wholesaler, distributor, or manufacturer

See our full list of prohibited items.

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If you see a prohibited item on OfferUp, please report it in the app. On that item’s page, tap Report icon Report, then Prohibited on OfferUp, then Done. For more information on reporting users and items, please see Reporting/blocking users and items.

For additional restrictions on behavior such as profanity and harassment, please see Community guidelines.


Posts that violate any of our guidelines, policies, or terms may be removed at our discretion. Additional actions may be taken for severe or repeat offenses.

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