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About the reply rate badge

When someone is great at responding to offers, they earn a special reply rate badge.

Image of the 4 reply rate badges, showing 100%, 95%, 85%, and 75% reply rates.

Badges can show a reply rate of 75%, 85%, 95%, or 100% based on the person’s activity over the previous 120 days.

Qualify for the reply rate badge

  1. Have conversations to buy or sell items with at least 4 different people
  2. Reply to at least 75% of the first messages you get from each person

Once you have a reply rate badge, it will be kept up to date according to your activity. If you don’t have at least 4 messages with different people within the past 120 days, the reply rate badge will disappear.

A person’s actual reply rate can be higher than their badge. The ranges for each badge are shown here:

Reply rate badge Actual rate can be
75% reply rate 75% or more, but less than 85%
85% reply rate 85% or more, but less than 95%
95% reply rate 95% or more, but less than 100%
100% reply rate 100%


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