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About reputation

In any marketplace, a person's reputation is almost as important as what they are buying or selling. To get to know someone on OfferUp, check their profile to see ratings, positive reviews, and more.

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Ratings are the average number of stars you’ve earned from other people on OfferUp, followed by the number of people who have rated you. About ratings

Positive reviews

When someone rates you on OfferUp, they can also add specific notes like On time and Communicative. About reviews

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TruYou and other badges

Even before your first purchase or sale, you can show people you can be trusted by adding info to your profile. Earn badges by confirming contact details with us, joining TruYou, and more.  About TruYou

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Profile picture

Help people get a sense of who you are by adding a profile picture and a background image. Add a profile photo

Response time

It helps to know how long it usually takes someone to respond to messages. Check their profile to see notes about their typical communication times, such as Responds within 1 hour.

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