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Improve your reputation

Having a good reputation on OfferUp can encourage buyers and sellers to do business with you. If you’re looking to build your reputation, here’s a few things you can try.

Complete your profile

Help other people get to know you by completing your public profile. Doing things like adding a photo and verifying information with OfferUp to earn profile badges can help prove you’re trustworthy before you’ve even bought or sold for the first time. Make your profile 100% complete

Be responsive

Promptly and politely replying to messages is a good way to build trust with other people, and it’ll help you buy and sell things faster. It can also earn you a reply rate badge to show everyone you're great at replying to others. About the reply rate badge

Ask other people for ratings

After you successfully buy or sell something, rate the other person and ask them to rate you. Positive star ratings and reviews show others that you’re good to work with. Exchanging reviews can also help build good relationships with people on OfferUp for potential future sales. Rate and review other people

Buy and sell

Try both buying and selling on OfferUp. You’ll learn more about the experience from both sides, and you can start building your rep before building your business.

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