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About reputation

In any marketplace, a person's reputation is almost as important as what they are buying or selling. Just like you might check what other people have said about a restaurant, you can check a person's OfferUp ratings, positive reviews, and more on their profile.


Buyers and sellers tell us the most important thing they consider before agreeing to meet is the other person's rating. On OfferUp, ratings are the average number of gold stars you've gotten from other people on OfferUp. The number after the rating is the number of people who have rated you. About ratings

Positive reviews

When someone rates you on OfferUp, they can also choose to give you specific review notes like On time and Communicative. About reviews

TruYou and other badges

Even before your first purchase or sale, you can show people you can be trusted by adding info to your profile. Confirm your email address, add and verify your phone number, connect to Facebook, and earn your TruYou badge. About TruYou

Profile picture

Help people get a sense of who you are by adding a profile picture and even a background image. Having real profile pictures builds a sense of authenticity, so people feel like they know who you are before trying to meet you. Add a profile photo

Response time

It helps to know how long it usually takes a person to respond to messages. Check their profile page to find a message like Responds within 1 hour, as appropriate for that person.

If you like working with a particular seller, or if they tend to post items you like, choose Follow on their profile. Then you can check the inventory from all your favorite sellers by browsing the category From people I follow.

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