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Find a Community MeetUp Spot

OfferUp has partnered with local businesses and police stations to create Community MeetUp Spots. These Spots are brightly lit and have video cameras. They’re great places to meet up with someone else to inspect items and complete sales.

When you’re looking up a location in the OfferUp app, you’ll see these MeetUp Spots on the map as dark green icons with a circle around them, like these:

Police station MeetUp icon Police stations Business MeetUp icon Local businesses

You’ll also see them highlighted in the location search.
Screenshot of the Meeting location search field and a recommended result.

Tap one of these to select it as your preferred location, then send it to the person you’ll be meeting and arrange a time. More about sending meeting locations

When you get there, look for our green OfferUp signs showing the Community MeetUp Spots:

Picture of a green MeetUp Spot sign    Picture of a green OfferUp sign

Public resource

To see more meet-up location options, check out, the largest national database of police and sheriff’s departments and other law enforcement agencies that have designated locations for in-person transactions.

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