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Search for items

Follow these steps to search and narrow down your results.

Search all categories

  1. Tap Search icon Search and enter your term.
    Screenshot of the search field on the home screen.

Search within a category

  1. Tap Category icon or Browse, then select the category you want.
  2. Run a search. You’ll see results from that category.
    Screenshot of a search field for the Baby & kids category.

Customize your search results

  1. Run a search.
  2. Tap Filter and set any or all of these options:
    • Location: Change where you want to search for items.
    • Distance: Choose how far away an item can be from you.
    • Price: Set a minimum to remove low-price items, and/or set a maximum you're willing to pay.
    • Sort: Tap how you want to sort items. By default, OfferUp shows newest items first. Other options include Closest, Price: Low to high, or Price: High to low.
  3. Some categories, like Cars & trucks, may have special filter options. Fill in the information that's relevant to you. How to search for cars
  4. When you're finished, tap Apply.
  5. Your results will refresh to reflect your choices. The number next to Filter shows how many filters you’ve set. These can be changed again at any time.

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