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What are notifications?

Notifications will keep you up to date with new info from OfferUp.

OfferUp notifications

Official notifications from OfferUp will appear in your Notifications tab. Tap any of them to see more details. You might get notifications about:

  • Updates about an item you're selling or buying
  • Activity on Boards
  • If an item of yours has been removed by OfferUp
  • Policy updates
  • New features, promotions, and recommendations

To review any of the notifications you’ve received, tap Inbox icon Inbox and go to your Notifications tab.
Screenshot of Notifications tab.

Push notifications

Push notifications will alert you on your device when new messages come in from buyers and sellers, when you get notifications from OfferUp, and when there are promotions and recommendations for you. To find out how to enable push notifications or change your settings, see Change notification preferences
Screenshot of the Enable dialog for push notifications.

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