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Trouble entering an address

OfferUp shipping is available to buyers in the contiguous 48 states with valid UPS or USPS shipping addresses.

If you're seeing an error when entering your address, make sure it's properly formatted and the details are correct.

Try checking your address for the following:

  • Include both a first and last name
  • Write the house or building number and the street name in Street Address 1
  • If you're in an apartment, suite, or unit with its own number, list that in Street Address 2
    • Example:
      "123 Pine Way" in Street Address 1
      "Suite A-101" in Street Address 2
  • Avoid uncommon abbreviations, symbols, or incomplete words
    • Examples:
      Incomplete: "15th" Correct: "15th Ave NE"
      Misspelled: "Co Rd 34" Correct: "County Rd 34"
      Abbreviations: "maplest" Correct: "Maple St"
      Symbols: "Lewis & Clark Rd" Correct: "Lewis and Clark Rd"
  • Make sure none of the fields have extra info, like a personal name or a city in a street address field
  • Confirm that the ZIP code is accurate
  • Note that non-English characters like "ñ" or "街頭" might not process correctly

If you're still getting an error, try searching for the address using the US Postal Service ZIP code lookup tool. Compare how the address appears on the US Postal Service to how it looks in the OfferUp app.

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