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Item wasn't delivered

When you buy something to be shipped, you’ll get a message when your item is delivered:

Screenshot of a system message in chat that says "Delivered! Tracking info indicates your item has arrived. Button text: Rate the seller"

If you’ve received the delivery message, but can’t find your package, try these steps. If you think the item might be lost in the mail, see Item lost in the mail.

1. Look around the delivery location

Sometimes a delivery person will put a package by a different door than you usually use, like a garage door or side door. Other locations to check are at the base of a letter box, or on top of a block of mailboxes.

2. Look for a notice of attempted delivery

When the delivery person doesn’t think the package will be safe, they can leave a notice that they weren’t able to deliver it. The notice will usually say the day they’ll try again, and/or where and when you can pick it up.

3. See if someone else accepted the delivery

Ask around: Do you have a neighbor, building supervisor, roommate, or relative who might have picked up the package and put it somewhere? Most packages that can’t be found by a door are put somewhere safe by someone you know.

4. Check your shipping address in the app

Your shipping address is listed on your receipt, which you get to through your messages about this item.

  1. Go to your messages about the item that should have been delivered. How to find your messages

  2. Find the message titled Offer accepted! and tap View receipt.
    Screenshot of a system message in chat that says "Offer accepted! When Sammy Seller ships the item, you'll get the tracking info. Button text: View receipt"

  3. Find the Shipping Information section. If your address isn’t correct, please use the Contact Us button at the end of this help topic. Please select I have questions about shipping on OfferUp in the form so we can direct your question appropriately.
    Screenshot of Shipping Information on the buyer receipt that says "Ship to: Betsy Buyer, 1200 Any Street E, Sparkleton, AT 12345-6789. Button text: Track item"

None of the above

If you still can’t find the package, try UPS Claims or the US Postal Service Missing Mail & Lost Packages page.

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