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Cancel a Hold Offer or another local purchase

As a buyer

Cancel a Hold Offer

Before the seller accepts

If you sent a Hold Offer, you can cancel it any time before the seller accepts it.

To cancel

  • Open your messages with the seller
  • Tap View offer
  • Tap Cancel hold request. This will release the money back to you.

After the seller accepts

You can always ask the seller to cancel a sale for you--only sellers can cancel accepted offers.  If the seller does not respond, you can wait 6 days and the offer will automatically expire if you do not meet up or tap Release payment

When you or the seller cancel a Hold Offer, the payment that was authorized on your card is canceled. The money re-appears in your account. You won’t see a “refund” line item in your account since it was authorized and not charged--but the money returns to your account quickly (usually within 1-2 days, depending on your bank).

Cancel or Change an In-app Payment

If the amount you paid was incorrect, the seller can cancel your payment. They can do this up until their payment is sent to the bank. If necessary, ask the seller to cancel. Then you can edit and re-send your payment.


As a seller

Cancel a Hold Offer

You can cancel a Hold Offer at any time up until 6 days after accepting the offer. After 6 days if the buyer has not released payment, the offer automatically expires.

  • View the offer in the app
  • Tap Cancel Hold Offer. This will cancel the authorization on the buyer's credit card.

Cancel or Change an In-app Payment

If a payment made to you was incorrect, you can cancel it and ask the buyer to send a corrected payment. You can do this up until your payment is sent to the bank.

  • Open the payment notification or receipt
  • Tap Cancel

The buyer can edit the amount and re-send it to you.

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