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Use the app to pay in person

You can pay in person through the app--skip the ATM, and you don’t have to carry cash. Your bank and credit card information stays private.

You can pay for items priced up to $500 through the app.

Get set up

  1. Go to Account icon Account
  2. Tap Payments and receipts
  3. Tap Add credit/debit card

Payment options

Two electronic payment options may be available for an in-person purchase.

  • Message the seller with your offer, meet up, and pay in the app in person.
  • Select Hold for pickup when you make an offer Your card is authorized beforehand, and you’ll release the payment after you inspect the item.

Requesting a hold proves you’re serious about paying, and the seller agrees to hold the item just for you. If the seller accepts, you both agree to meet within 6 days. How holds work for buyers.


Meet and pay

Either way you pay, you’ll complete your purchase when you meet the seller. When you get there:

  1. Open your messages with the seller.
  2. Tap Pay at the bottom of your messages.
  3. Inspect the item. 
    • If you need to revise your offer based on the inspection, agree on a new price with the seller, then tap Edit price to enter it.
  4. Tap Continue to review your offer.
    • If you haven’t added your payment method yet, you’ll be prompted to add one.
    • You can also Edit your offer here if necessary.
  5. To send payment or confirm that you’re completing your purchase, tap Pay (or Release payment) at the bottom of the screen.
    • If you’re paying in person, your payment method will be charged.
    • If you pre-paid, this will release your payment to the seller.
  6. The seller will be notified that they’ve been paid.

Cancel a transaction

If you need to cancel a hold offer before meeting up, you’ve decided not to buy an item you had on hold, or if a payment you made was incorrect, see Cancel an in-app payment.

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