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Best practices for buying items

Look at the profiles of potential sellers.

Take a look at the user's profile. Some things you can look for are past ratings, a photo, and TruYou. If you are unsure about something you can always ask, or look for users who already have a strong rating on OfferUp.

Review the listing photo and description closely.

Is the image a photo of the actual item for sale or a catalog photo of the item? Remember, sellers are required to display an actual photo of the item they have for sale. This lets you see the item condition ahead of time. If the photo and description are unclear, ask questions through OfferUp's messaging system. If the item isn't allowed under our Posting Rules, report the item so we can investigate.

Communicate within OfferUp.

Communicating outside of OfferUp makes it more difficult for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues. We strongly encourage you to communicate using our messaging system, and recommend you do not share personal information with other users.

Selecting a Location to Meet.

OfferUp is a marketplace for local buyers and sellers - we recommend meeting in person. Whenever possible, meet at a public location such as a cafe or shopping mall. Take extra caution when meeting for a high-value item, and consider meeting at your local police station. We understand that people occasionally meet at a residence to purchase larger items. If this is necessary, we strongly recommend having a friend or family member with you. If you are purchasing a large item, bring a friend to help lift or load the item into your vehicle.

Be considerate.

Sometimes transactions don't work out. It can be disappointing if an items turns out to not be what you were looking for or if an item sells before you had a chance to purchase it. It's still important to remain polite and courteous - chances are you'll soon find the great deal you're looking for.

Remember: if you ever find yourself in an emergency or feel that your personal safety is threatened, always contact local police and emergency services first.

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