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Archive or unlist an item

Archiving helps you clean up your Offers and manage your sales. When you archive an item from either your Selling or Buying tab, the item and any messages about it will be moved to your Archive folder.

For sellers, archiving an item also automatically unlists it, which ends the sale and removes it from future search results.

How to archive

  1. Tap Offers icon Offers
  2. Tap either the Buying or Selling tab to find the item you'd like to archive
    Screenshot of the Buying tab underneath My Offers.
  3. Tap the item’s photo and select Archive from the menu
    Screenshot of the Archive button for an item.
  4. If you were selling the item, confirm that you want to archive the listing and end the sale
    Screenshot showing a confirmation dialog for Archive this item, and the message "Archiving will unlist the item. Buyers will stop seeing it soon."
  5. This will move the item and any messages about it to your Archive. Any alerts or notifications about it will also be removed. Note that messages can't be archived individually.
    Screenshot of the My Archived Offers screen, showing two unlisted items.

Note: Sold items are automatically archived after 2 weeks. Your items are never deleted, you will always have access to them in your archived folder.

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