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How holds work

What's a "hold"?

When you're buying and selling on OfferUp, a "hold" is an agreement between a buyer and seller that they'll meet in person to exchange the item and the payment. It's more than two people taking each other's word for it. The buyer authorizes payment in advance, and the money is "held" until the meeting. The seller agrees to "hold" the item just for that buyer until they meet.

Once the buyer and seller meet, the buyer inspects the item to make sure everything is as expected. After inspecting the item, the buyer releases the "hold" on the payment, and the seller gets paid.

Buyers let sellers see in advance that the payment will be available, and sellers agree not to sell to someone else. Both people are much more likely to get the results they want. They can still adjust the price or even call off the deal, but they know going in that everything is in place to finish the deal.

How does it work?

To secure your purchase before you meet up with a seller, request a hold and have a payment for your item pre-authorized on your card. Then meet up, inspect the item, and confirm your payment to complete your purchase.

Note: We are constantly adding and testing new features, so some features may not be available to all users.

Make a hold offer

  1. When you make an offer, tap Hold for pickup.
  2. You’ll see a summary of your offer, including any fees.
  3. If you haven’t entered a payment method yet, tap Add payment method, fill out all required fields, and Save.
  4. Tap Send Hold Offer to send your offer to the seller.

You’ll get a response within 24 hours. If the seller accepts, the full price of the item will be pre-authorized on your credit card. It will not be released to the seller until you inspect the item in person and confirm your purchase. If the seller doesn't respond, the offer cancels automatically.

Meet and complete the purchase

Meet the seller within 6 days. If you don’t meet within this time, the offer will expire and will automatically be canceled. This will release the hold on your card, and your money will be returned to you. Send a meeting location

When you get there, follow the directions on Buy with cashless payments.

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