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How shipping works for buyers

You can have items from all across the country shipped straight to your door. Make your offer and pay right in the app.

How to buy with shipping

  1. To see what’s available to be shipped to you, tap Shipping.
    Screenshot of the Pick up and Shipping tabs on the home screen.
  2. Open any item for details. You’ll see how much shipping will cost. Costs vary by item. You’ll also see if the seller has chosen to pay for shipping, or if you have any available promotional discounts.
    • Questions for the seller? Tap Ask.
  3. To make your offer, tap Make offer.
    • If you see the option to Buy now, the seller automatically accepts full-price offers.
  4. Review and confirm your offer.
    • If the item has a negotiable price, enter the price you feel the seller would consider fair.
    • If you haven't done it, enter your physical address and payment info. Learn more about paying for shipped items.
  5. If the seller accepts, your payment method will be authorized.
  6. We'll generate the shipping label for the seller, and they’ll package and mail the item to you. Packages are sent via UPS (most items) or USPS (smallest items).
  7. When you receive the item, you have 2 days to evaluate it before the sale is final. More about buyer protection

Information: Your package may arrive via UPS or the U.S. Post Office, depending on how heavy the item is. We choose to use the lowest-priced carrier.

Note: We are constantly adding and testing new features, so some features may not be available to all users.

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