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Share a Board

After you’ve saved items you like into a Board, share the collection with other people to shop together or trade ideas.

  1. Tap Offers icon Offers, then Boards
  2. Open the Board you want to share
  3. Tap Invite (Android) or Share (iOS)
    Screenshot of a board and the Invite button.
  4. Choose what kind of access you want other people to have:
    Can Edit: Other people can add or remove items, and will see the Board in their Boards list
    Can View Only: People can see the Board when they click your link, but they can’t make changes
    Screenshot of the Share Board access options.
  5. Tap on Message, Email, Facebook, or other method to send your invitation.
    Screenshot of the options for how to send your Share Board invitation.

Quick Save items

Quick Save is your private Board, which can’t be shared. To share items from Quick Save, add the items to a different Board.

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