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Check someone's reputation before doing business

It’s smart to get to know about the people you’re doing business with on OfferUp. Learn more about reputation and what to look out for to ensure a smooth transaction.

Before you offer

When you’re deciding what to buy, take a look at the seller’s profile for more info about them. You can see how other buyers and sellers have rated them, read reviews, and see badges they’ve earned on OfferUp. This can help you judge which sellers might be best to work with. About reputation

Tap the seller’s name on any item to open their profile.

Evaluating offers

Sellers can also check out the profiles of potential buyers to get an idea of their reputation. Tap on their name in the message to view details.

If you have concerns or something feels off in your communications with a buyer, it’s okay to say “no thanks.” Sellers participating in the shipping program can tap the Decline button to decline an offer and proceed with another.

Messaging and offers

When you’re arranging a sale, be aware of any red flags that may indicate it’s not a good idea to go ahead. If you notice any of these issues, report it to us.

  • Requests to communicate outside the app. When you use OfferUp’s messaging system, you never need to give out your email address or phone number. Giving out personal information is how fraud and identity theft can start.
  • They ask to pay or be paid with an electronic funds transfer such as Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, Venmo, certified check, or electronic gift cards. Stick with cash or OfferUp payments (when available).
  • The person or the post tells you about an "investment opportunity" or an "easy way to make money" by sending money.

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