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Emails and notifications from OfferUp

OfferUp sends email and in-app notifications when we have something important to share. We'll let you know when buyers or sellers have contacted you, and we'll send relevant reminders and news to help you get the most out of OfferUp.

But OfferUp will never contact you by email, in-app message, phone, or text message to ask for your username, password, or other account info. Be cautious about emails or in-app messages that ask for your OfferUp username and password. Remember, we don't need to ask you for your credentials if you are already logged in.

If you have any doubt that an email or message is legitimately from OfferUp, delete it. Please don't respond, click links in the message, or open attachments.

If you're browsing OfferUp on the web, go directly to to sign in. Always remember to sign out when using a shared device.


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