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Maintain a secure account

We understand how important it is to keep your information safe and secure. That's why we ask our community members to follow these guidelines for account security:

  • Never share your OfferUp login information.
  • Remember that OfferUp will never contact you by email, in-app message, phone, or text message to ask for account info such as your username and password.
  • Make sure that the web page you’re using says “secure” before logging in with your OfferUp, Google, or Facebook passwords.
  • If you have any doubt that an email or message is legitimately from OfferUp, please don't click links in the message, open attachments, or respond.
  • Check your account regularly to verify your information and posts. If you see changes you didn't make or messages you didn't send, it's time to get in touch with OfferUp.
  • Deactivate your account if you decide not to use it. You can always reactivate it later when you're ready.
  • Always remember to log out of OfferUp if you’re on a shared or public device, and don't let others sign into their accounts through your device.
  • Communicate with OfferUp buyers and sellers using OfferUp's in-app messaging system. Please don't share your personal contact information in a post or in a chat with a buyer or seller.

If you believe your account has been compromised, please reach out to OfferUp support right away by using the Contact Us button at the bottom of this article so we can help.

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