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Confirm your phone number

Confirm your mobile phone number with OfferUp and earn a badge to help build community trust. About reputation

Verify your number

  1. Tap Account icon Account
  2. Tap Confirm Phone, or if there’s already a phone number, tap Edit
  3. Enter your phone number, then tap Send Code
    Screenshot of Enter Phone Number screen and input field
  4. Check your text messages, copy the code OfferUp sent to you, then return to the app to submit it
    Screenshot of a message reading "We sent you a text! Enter verification code," the input field, and the "Didn't receive code" link.
  5. If you didn’t get the code, tap Didn’t receive code to try again.


We won’t share your number with anyone else on OfferUp. Keep using OfferUp messaging to communicate with buyers and sellers without sharing personal information. Verifying your phone number won’t let you make calls through the OfferUp app.

OfferUp will never ask you to provide account information in a chat or over the phone. Other than the initial confirmation message, OfferUp won’t use your number to call or text you at this time.

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