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Update your profile

Your public profile includes basic info about you and your reputation on OfferUp. Some fields can be edited, like your profile photo, your name, and your approximate location. Here’s how to find and update those settings.

Add or edit photos

  1. Tap Account icon Account
  2. Tap your avatar
    Screenshot of Account screen and the profile photo area
    You can also tap the Add profile picture button below, or Edit next to Profile picture added if you already have one.
  3. Tap Take photo to take a new picture. Tap Select photo to pick one from your library.
    Screenshot of Take photo and Select photo buttons
  4. To update your profile’s background image, tap the Camera icon icon on the right hand side of the screen. Take or select a photo like you did for your avatar.

Edit name

  1. Tap Account icon Account, then Settings icon Settings
    Screenshot of Settings screen options
  2. Tap Edit next to your name
  3. Type your name as you’d like others to see it
    Screenshot of the field for Enter your name
  4. Tap Done

Edit location

  1. Tap Account, then Settings
  2. Tap Edit next to your location
  3. Tap Get my location to find it based on where you are, or enter your ZIP code
    Screenshot of the Get my location button and Zip code field
  4. Tap Save location

Preview your public profile

  1. Tap Account icon Account
  2. Scroll down to View public profile
  3. Tap to view

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