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Process a return request on a shipped item

When you sell an item through nationwide shipping, the buyer may realize that the item was not what they thought they were buying. If so, they have 2 days to request a refund from you.

Buyers may have other issues--such as damaged or counterfeit items--that they report to us. But for items that simply don’t meet their expectations, they’ll sort out the issue with you.

If they request a refund, you’ll see the request in the item messages thread.

To process a refund

  1. In the item message thread, you’ll see a notice saying “[Buyer name] requested a refund”
  2. Next you’ll see the reason the buyer entered for requesting a refund
  3. If you need more information, ask the buyer to add photos or answer your questions
  4. On the “[Buyer name] requested a refund” message, tap Accept or decline
  5. On the next screen, tap either Accept or Decline
  6. If you accept, we’ll send the buyer a pre-paid shipping label, and they must ship within 6 days.
  7. Once they drop off the item and the post office scans it, the refund will automatically come out of your balance on OfferUp.
  8. If you decline, they’ll have another 2 days to report the issue to us.

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