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Get paid with in-app payments

Get paid quickly and easily by accepting electronic payments through OfferUp. Your local buyers won’t have to carry cash, and the money will go securely to your bank account. You’ll never have to share email addresses, phone numbers, or bank account information, so the transaction stays private.

Cashless payments will be available to selected buyers and sellers during a trial period. We’re constantly testing new features and improvements, so not all features will be available to all users. If you have questions, ask us using the button at the end of this article.

Note: Cashless payments are available for sales under $500. Larger transactions cannot be made with electronic payments at this time.

Get set up

Add a deposit account ahead of time--you must add one within 90 days of the sale to receive your payment.

  1. Go to Account icon Account
  2. Tap Payments & receipts 
  3. Tap Add deposit account.
    For in-person payments, a debit card is required.

Payment options

Buyers have two options for electronic payments:

  • Messaging you with their offer, meeting up with you, and paying in the app in person
  • Choosing Hold for pickup when they offer, authorizing payment for the item, then releasing payment after they inspect the item. 

Requesting a Hold Offer proves their intent to buy. If you accept a hold offer, you agree to hold the item just for them for 6 days. You’ll get the payment when they inspect the item in person and release the money to you.

Meet and complete the sale

Either way the buyer pays, you’ll finish the sale when you meet. When you get there:

  1. The buyer inspects the item. Resolve any questions and agree on the final price.
    • If needed, the buyer can change their offer.
  2. The buyer will release payment and you will scan the code on their phone screen.
    • Buyers must confirm in the app that they’ve accepted the item. This finalizes the payment to you. Remind them to do so to ensure you get your money.
  3. You’ll be notified that you got paid. The notification will show the total amount that will be sent to your account.
  4. Your money will transfer to your account automatically if you have a debit card on file.
    • If you haven’t added a debit card, you’ll be prompted to add one. Follow the steps, or add it later under Account > Payments & receipts. The transfer will start once your info is confirmed.
  5. Deposits may take 5-6 business days to appear in your bank account. To get your money faster, enable Fast Deposit.

Cancel a transaction

If you need to cancel a Hold Offer before meeting up, or if a payment you received was incorrect, see Cancel an in-app payment.

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