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About ratings on OfferUp
A rating on OfferUp is the average of the number of gold stars someone has been rated. The number next to the stars shows how many people have rated them.
Tips for Messaging
For best results buying and selling, respond to messages as soon as you can. Great buyers and sellers typically respond within an hour, and sometimes
Update items you’re selling on OfferUp
To edit an items' photos, title, description, price, or location, open the item in the OfferUp app.  Edit a postOpen the OfferUp app, then tap
Protecting your privacy on OfferUp
When have an OfferUp profile, other OfferUp customers can see your: Name on OfferUpProfile and profile background photosRating and positive reviewsItems
Post an item to sell on OfferUp
To post an item, first download our free iOS or Android app. Then follow these steps to create a post in 30 seconds or less:   Open the app and tap
How do I report a user or an item?
At OfferUp, we want to build a more enjoyable local buying and selling experience. Please report suspicious or offensive user behavior and any items that
Prohibited Items Guidelines
Last updated July 18, 2017 Although most things can be sold on OfferUp, certain items aren’t allowed. Some present legal risks or may pose health
About TruYou
TruYou lets buyers and sellers see that they can trust you more easily. Our process is to check your real life state-issued ID (like a driver’s