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Tips for Inspecting and Purchasing Items

When buying an item, here are some important things to consider.

Seller's profile

  • Do they have a profile picture?
  • Does the seller have any ratings?
  • Do they have other items listed for sale?
  • Are they a TruYou member?

The above characteristics can indicate the reputation of an OfferUp member and help guide you in your interactions. If the seller seems suspicious, please use the Report button to notify us, and stop your interaction.

Image quality

Before arranging to meet a seller, closely review the post and information available. Is the image a photo of the actual item for sale or a catalog photo of the item? Remember, sellers are required to display an actual photo of the item they have for sale. This lets you see the condition ahead of time.

Note the condition and description of the item

Under the posted item description, you'll notice the condition status. Also review the item description. If you aren't familiar with this type of item, we suggest researching reviews online or speaking with an expert.

If you have a question or are unsure about the condition of the item, use OfferUp's in-app messaging to ask the seller a question.

If you're satisfied with the item and wish to purchase it, you may now agree on a price with the seller. Based on the post, you may:

  • Negotiate the price or make a full price offer if the item price is firm
  • After the price has been agreed upon, set a meeting location.

We recommend having an independent expert inspect the item if necessary. For example, if you're buying a cell phone, meet at a carrier store to have the phone inspected and verified as unlocked and in working order. For expensive antiques or jewelry get a certified appraisal.


OfferUp is a local marketplace and goods should always be inspected in person before making a cash or electronic payment. In some markets OfferUp now offers in-app payments to allow buyers to securely pay their seller with a debit or credit card. Take care when sending money to someone you don't know through other electronic methods like PayPal, and familiarize yourself with your payment provider's terms. OfferUp does not recommend wire transfers such as Western Union or MoneyGram or non-cash payments such as gift cards or personal/certified checks, as these payment methods can be more risky. Remember, all sales are final.

Before paying make sure everything is in working order. You have no obligation to complete the transaction. If the item is not satisfactory politely decline to complete the purchase.

If the seller seems suspicious, please use the Report button in the seller profile to notify us.

Completing the transaction

Once you pay the seller, ask them to mark the item as sold so that you may rate each other. Congratulations on a successful transaction!

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