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About OfferUp payments

With OfferUp Payments, buyers pay through the app to get items shipped to them, and sellers get that money transferred safely to their bank accounts. Buyers and sellers never have to give out their email addresses or phone numbers, nor reveal account information to each other, so the transaction stays private.

Buyers: How to pay

To start buying from people around the country, add a credit or debit card to your account. This will become your payment method. You’ll also get the “Verified for payments” badge added to your profile. Your payment method will be charged when an offer you've made for a shipped item is accepted. Set up a payment account
Screenshot of badges, including Verified for payments badge

Sellers: How to get your money

The first time you use OfferUp payments, you’ll need to tell us where to deposit your money. Add a deposit account under Payments in your OfferUp account. Set up a deposit account

You’ll be notified in the app when a buyer submits their payment. Confirm that the buyer paid the correct amount, then ship the item. Once the buyer receives the item, they have 3 days to inspect it. If no buyer protection claims have been made within those 3 days, the transaction is considered complete. Then the money will be transferred to the seller’s deposit account. More about buyer protection

Currently, it takes about 5 business days from the time a transaction is complete to the time a seller is paid. Payments may be delayed if there is a bank-recognized holiday.

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