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Set up a deposit account

When using OfferUp shipping, sellers get paid via deposits to a debit card or bank account. Sorry, prepaid debit cards won’t work for deposits.

Set up your deposit account ahead of time to ensure you get your money promptly. You can also add it when you’re notified that a buyer has submitted a payment. You must provide your deposit information within 90 days of a sale.

Choose your deposit method

  1. Log in to the OfferUp app and tap Account icon Account

  2. Tap Set up payments
    Screenshot of button reading "Verified for deposits. Set up payments."

  3. Tap Add deposit account
    Screenshot showing Accounts tab on Payments page. Under Deposit account, button reads: Add Deposit Account.

  4. Choose between depositing through your debit card, or by using your bank account and routing numbers.
    Screenshot showing Setup Deposit Account page, which says "Tell us where you want your money deposited. Funds will transfer shortly after each sale." The two options are Debit Card or Bank Account and Routing.

  5. When prompted, enter your legal name and date of birth, or any other requested ID verification information.
    Screenshot showing Add Info page. Text reads: To be sure funds are deposited in your account, please enter your full legal name and date of birth. Shows fields for First name, Last name, and Month, Day, and Year of birth. Button: Next

Deposit to a debit card

If you’re entering debit card info, add your card information, then tap Save
Screenshot showing Add Debit Card page. Text reads: This is where your money will be deposited. Shows fields for Card number, Expiration, CVV number, and zip code. Button: Save

Deposit to a bank account

  1. If you’re entering bank information, get routing and account numbers from the physical checks issued by your bank. The app will show you where to find these numbers on your checks.

  2. If you don’t have paper checks handy, log into your bank account online or contact your bank to confirm the numbers.

  3. Enter both numbers twice to make sure they’re right. Then tap Save.Screenshot showing Add Bank Info page. Text reads: This is where your money will be deposited. Shows fields for Routing Number and Account Number, and also Confirm Routing and Confirm Account. Includes an image showing where to find the routing number and account number on a physical check. Button: Save

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