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View your promotion results

Track how many people have seen your items and how well your promotions are doing.

  1. Go to Offers icon Offers, then Selling
  2. Tap Promotion results. This link will be available if you have recent promotion statistics to view.
    Screenshot of My Offers screen, open to Selling, showing the Promotion results link.

You'll see how many unique buyers have viewed your items over time. The graph for each item will show you how the buyers found it:

  • Unpromoted views are unique views your item has received from the original listing.
  • Promoted views shows how many additional unique views you’ve gained from the item’s promotional spot.

The graph will also let you know if your promotion is currently running and how many days are left.

Promotion results are based on promotions that have been initiated within the last 30 days. Only the most recent promotion statistics for each item will be shown.

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