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Promote your item on OfferUp

Show your items more often and help sell them faster by using Promote.

Promoting makes your item appear in special featured spots within the top 50 results of search, browse, and category results. When a buyer searches for items or views items like yours, they'll see your promoted item highlighted in those spots.

Promoted items are rotated among the designated spots so that every promoted item gets fair exposure.

Screenshot of a Promoted item in the feed.

How to promote an item

  1. Sign in to the OfferUp app, then tap Offers icon Offers

  2. Tap Selling to see all the items you're selling

  3. Tap Promote on the item you'd like to promote. Items without a Promote button can't be promoted at this time.

  4. Choose how long you'd like to promote your item: 3, 7, or 14 days. The longer it's promoted, the more buyers will see it.

  5. Tap the option that's right for you, then buy the promotion through your app store. Your item will be seen by buyers soon, labeled Promoted.

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