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Best practices for selling items

A successful transaction starts with a great post. Include an original photo of your item and a detailed description. Make sure you state the condition of an item, and clearly outline any defects or damage.

Check the buyer's profile

When a buyer contacts you, check their profile. If they have high ratings, that's a great sign! If they don't have ratings, and don't have a photo or TruYou membership, that could be a red flag. While new buyers are always welcome on OfferUp, you should trust your instincts. If you're unsure about something, ask them--or choose to sell to someone with a stronger OfferUp profile.

Communicate on OfferUp

Communicating outside of the OfferUp app puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues. We have a dedicated team that works to protect your information, who even works with law enforcement when crimes are reported or detected. Keep your messages in the app, and don't share personal information like email addresses and phone numbers with other people on OfferUp.

Select a location

If you're meeting in person, choose a public location such as a cafe, shopping mall, or one of the safe-trade zones hosted at police stations. If you're selling a large item, be prepared to help or remind the buyer to bring a friend to help lift or load the item into their vehicle.

Be a considerate seller

If you've agreed to be paid in cash, bring change with you or specify "exact change." Plan to spend enough time to let the buyer examine the item and feel good about the exchange.

Unfortunately, not every sale works out. Even when a sale falls through, being a considerate seller matters. Remember, there are always more buyers. If someone "flakes", or doesn't show up to a meetup, you can report them through the app.

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