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How do I set a price?

Set a reasonable price so buyers have an idea of what to offer. This will help you sell the item faster and prevent a flood of low offers. For suggestions on pricing your item, you can try searching for similar items in your area to see what other sellers are asking for.

Firm Price

When you set a Firm price, buyers are advised to make offers only at the posted price. They may still ask you in a chat if you're willing to take a lower offer, however. Setting a firm price is a great option when you have a have a good idea of what the item should cost or need to get a specific amount for it.

Asking Price

If you're not sure what an item is worth or just want to sell something and don't need a specific amount of money, you can set an Asking price. This lets buyers make an offer of any price. You're free to accept, negotiate, or say no to any offer.

Respond to Offers

When you're selling with an Asking price, you may get a variety of offers. Here's a few tips for dealing with them:

  • If you get an offer below your acceptable limit, respond politely and share your preferred price or give a counteroffer.
  • Keep an open mind, especially if you aren't sure of an item's value.
  • Respond courteously even if you get an unacceptably low offer. Buyers don't always know what an item's value is.
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