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How to sell

Sell your items on OfferUp with a few easy steps.

Post your item

  1. To post your item, tap Post icon in the app and follow the steps. How to post
  2. To get more views and reach even more buyers, consider promoting your item to sell it faster.

Selling your item

Once your item is live on OfferUp, here’s how the sale works:

  1. You'll get questions or offers from interested buyers as messages right in the app. Find messages
  2. Reply to these messages to answer any questions, then agree on a price with a buyer.
  3. If you’re meeting your buyer in person:
    • Use the app to find a meeting location and agree on a time to meet. If the item is large or heavy, help out with plans to lift or move it. Send a meeting location
    • When you meet, let the buyer check out the item. If needed, be ready to provide documentation or set up a third-party inspection.
    • If you and the buyer agree to the sale, swap the item and payment in person.
    • If the sale doesn't work out, be polite, and don't be discouraged. There are many more potential buyers out there.
  4. If you’re shipping your item:
  5. When the sale is done, mark the item as sold. We'll let any other interested buyers know.
  6. Rate the buyer. It helps build community trust and gives the buyer the option to rate you, too. Rate and review other people
  7. Your item will show as sold in your Selling tab. It will stay there for a short time for your reference before being moved to your Archive. You can also archive it yourself. More about archiving

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