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How to buy

When you find something on OfferUp that you want to buy, here’s how to contact the seller and arrange your purchase.

If you find an item available for shipping that you’d like to buy and get mailed to you, see How shipping works for buyers.

Make an offer

  1. Open the item you want to buy.
  2. You’ll see the item’s price in its listing. This may be a firm cost or negotiable, depending on the item.
    Screenshot of an item with a $10 price.
  3. If you have any questions, tap Ask to message the seller.
  4. Once you’re ready, tap Make Offer. This doesn’t oblige you to buy.
  5. You’ll see if the seller is open to negotiation. If so, you can enter your own offer if you want.
    • Firm price:
      Screenshot of an item's price and the note "Seller is only accepting offers at full price."

    • Accepting offers:
      Screenshot of an item's "Enter your offer" field, containing a suggested price.
  6. Tap Make Offer again to let the seller know you’re interested in buying.
  7. If the item is still available, the seller should reply to discuss or accept your offer.
  8. Once you agree on the price, you can arrange a meeting location and time. More about meeting locations

Meet and complete the sale

  • When you meet, inspect the item in person. Get documentation or an outside inspection if needed.
  • If you’re satisfied, go ahead and make your payment. How to pay
  • If it isn’t exactly what you want, politely decline to buy. It’s nice to let the seller know you appreciate their time.
  • After you’ve bought an item, ask the seller to mark the item as sold so you can rate each other. Rate and review other people

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