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Post an item to sell on OfferUp

To post an item, first download our free iOS or Android app. Then follow these steps to create a post in 30 seconds or less:  

  1. Open the app and tap
    • Tap Take Photo to snap a photo of the item.
      • Expert tip: Try centering your item on a well-lit solid-color background. Taking additional photos showing details of your item may help it sell. 
    • Tap Select Photo to choose an image from your device's photo library
    • Enter a short Title that gets across the most important item information. 
  2. Select your item's Category, Condition and write a quick Description.
    • If you don't see the Category you're looking for, pick the one that most closely matches your item. You can always use 'General' if you just don't see the right match. 
    • Expert tip: Items with descriptions have a higher chance of selling. We recommend adding some extra details about the condition of the item and listing important features or specs. 
  3. Enter your Price and select if it is firm.
  4. Share your item post on Facebook (optional) and set your Location.
    • Note: Buyers will only see the approximate location of your posted item on the map in the item detail page.
  5. Tap Post - and you're done!

Important: When looking at your own posts, you won’t see the Ask and Make Offer buttons, but potential buyers will see them.

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