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What are the steps to selling an item?

Note: You can only sell on supported mobile devices. Desktop posting is not supported.

We want selling to be easy! We've found that these steps can help make the process smooth:

To post your item, tap and follow the steps.

  1. You'll get questions or offers from interested buyers right in the app.

  2. Answer any questions, and then agree on a price with a buyer.

  3. Agree to a time and place to meet the buyer. If the item is large or heavy, help out with plans to lift or move it.

  4. Let the buyer fully check out the item. If needed, be ready to provide documentation or set up a third-party inspection.

  5. If you and the buyer agree to the sale, swap the item and payment in person.

    If the sale doesn't work out, be polite, and don't be discouraged. There are many more potential buyers out there.

  6. Mark the item as sold in the app. We'll let any other interested buyers know it's sold and remove the listing.

  7. Rate the buyer. It helps build community trust and gives the buyer the option to rate you too.

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