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How do I search different categories?

OfferUp has lots of ways to classify the items you're trying to sell. Items can only be posted in one category, so try to pick the best option. Users are not able to create additional categories.

Note: Posting items multiple times to have them show in multiple categories is not allowed.

From the Web

When browsing items from the web, all posting categories will be searchable from the category view on the left-hand side of the screen. Seasonal categories will not visible but any items in those categories are searchable by positing keywords.

From the app

When browsing items from the app, all posting categories except for Pet Supplies is searchable from the browse (house icon). Items in that category will be searchable by posting keywords.

Seasonal categories

Certain categories are temporary and cycle in throughout the year. Those categories won't show up as options when posting but items will show up in them based on keywords in the title and description.

Examples: wedding, exercise, spring, summer, halloween, back-to-school, brand new, holiday

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